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Posted 05 October 2022 by
Global Marketing

How to build a more effective hybrid workplace

Paying closer attention to employee needs is the way to make remote, in-office, and hybrid teams function better.

Posted 22 February 2021 by
Melissa Summer, Global Content Marketing Manager

7 research-backed ways employee well-being affects your company’s performance

How does employee well-being affect your company's success? Read these seven ways happy employees can mean better company performance. 

Posted 01 July 2020 by
Rachel Cubas-Wilkinson, Senior Consultant, The Myers-Briggs Company

Use the platinum rule for better workplace relationships

You've probably heard of the golden rule? With personality insight, you now need the platinum rule...

Posted 17 June 2020 by
Claire Bremner, Principal Consultant, The Myers-Briggs Company

Self Awareness, Leadership and Organizational Success

What can self-awareness in your company's leaders contribute to organizational success?