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Showing Appreciation—INFP

31 January 2017

In this series I’m delving into how each of the 16 types approaches being thankful. If you want to read a little about your own preferences ahead of time, feel free to visit this link: Today’s type: INFP. Helping and appreciating others with words and actions is likely natural for you. Interact with other people who use the same approach. That description relates to the Introverted Feeling aspect of those who prefer INFP. These are my preferences, and I definitely relate to ...

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Summer Vacation Decision Making—Introverted Feeling

28 June 2016

To conclude this series on decision making with the MBTI® mental processes and the eight patterns of mental activity, we come to introverted Feeling (Fi), which is about making decisions in line with the inner values that guide and drive us. When deciding where you want to go on vacation this summer, consider these Fi questions: What do I want to do this summer? (This may be different than what everyone else wants to do.) What vacation options connect best with my inner values? Which vac...

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Type at the Family Conference Table: Introverted Feeling

03 May 2016

Written by Mathew David Pauley, JD, MA, MDR In my previous post, we encountered Extraverted Thinking types (ESTJs and ENTJs) who were stressed, upset, and were facing some very hard decisions. Though they are accustomed to and comfortable in the role as decision maker, emotionally charged situations can sometimes inflame their least preferred and least used mental process, Introverted Feeling, creating emotional turmoil. Introverted Feeling types, such as ISFPs and INFPs, are at their best when...

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Type at the Family Conference Table: Extraverted Thinking

28 April 2016

Written by Mathew David Pauley, JD, MA, MDR In my previous post I discussed how I’ve found type to be a useful tool for working with individuals who need to make difficult decisions or who are in conflict. When discussing matters such as whether to continue aggressive interventions or consider more palliative approaches, or when disclosing bad news (e.g., a new life-limiting diagnosis, an unsuccessful surgery, a medical error or medication mistake, or an unanticipated injury or death), the pati...

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16 Types in the Workplace—INFP

25 February 2016

My MBTI® preferences are INFP, and I’m told I provide a calm and supportive approach to solving problems that our work projects need. I was facilitating a webinar a while back, and the technology was not cooperating. Others in the room were getting a bit frazzled. A colleague sitting next to me said, “You seem so calm.” “It will work out,” I replied, as I focused on completing the tasks that would help the event run smoothly. My favorite mental process is introverted Feeling (Fi), and like my “c...

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16 Types in the Workplace—ISFP

23 February 2016

The people I know with preferences for ISFP often take a values-based approach to solving problems that our work projects need. Their favorite mental process, introverted Feeling (Fi), sometimes helps them understand how the decisions being made in the course of a project reflect the values and needs of people in the organization. This gift can sometimes help organizations determine what really matters beyond what is simply accepted as logical. This favorite process is backed up by their second ...

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