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Summer Vacation Decision Making—Extraverted Feeling

23 June 2016

We explored the Perceiving patterns of mental activity (Se, Si, Ne, Ni) and half of the Judging patterns (Te, Ti) in our search for that perfect summer vacation. It is now time to finish it off with Feeling, starting with extraverted Feeling (Fe), which is about making decisions taking into account how our decisions will affect others. As you decide where you might go for vacation this summer, consider the following Fe questions: What will I do to include the ideas of others who may join us?...

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Type at the Family Conference Table: Extraverted Feeling

17 May 2016

Written by Mathew David Pauley, JD, MA, MDR The image of a family conference in a hospital is typically one of high emotion, even when no apparent conflict is readily identified.  Physicians might be giving bad news, chaplains might be leading families in prayer, or nurses might be leading children into their mother's room to meet their new sibling; in all cases, lots of people are bringing lots of emotions to bear on a panoply of circumstances. ESFJs and ENFJs, whose favorite mental proces...

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Type at the Family Conference Table: Introverted Thinking

13 May 2016

Written by Mathew David Pauley, JD, MA, MDR Dispassionate objectivity can seem out of place in environments such as hospitals, where passions can run high. And thus we come to Introverted Thinking types: ISTPs and INTPs. For them the goal is to understand, and they will be quick to let you know that true understanding can be clouded by “erratic” emotions mucking things up. Reportedly, Introverted Thinking types confront catastrophe with the same air of detachment with which they confront their ...

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Type at the Family Conference Table

26 April 2016

Written by Mathew David Pauley, JD, MA, MDR Strewn throughout hospitals are conference rooms primarily devoted to provider-patient discussions.  No, that is not entirely accurate—providers meet their patients bedside.  So, it is more precise to say that these meeting spaces are used by providers meeting with family members.  They are meeting with family members probably because their patients are too sick to participate in the decisions about their health, and the people who love the patient ar...

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16 Types in the Workplace—ENFJ

12 April 2016

I think of one particular colleague I work with who has preferences for ENFJ and I’m always so appreciative of her outwardly warm and supportive approach at work. The favorite mental process of people with preferences for ENFJ, extraverted Feeling (Fe), helps them connect to the harmony and values of those involved on a team. This favorite process is backed up by their second favorite process, introverted Intuition (Ni), which can help them see what’s coming around the bend, as well as the bend ...

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16 Types in the Workplace—ESFJ

31 March 2016

I just finished working with four people with preferences for ESFJ, and I was impressed by their helpful here-and-now approach to understanding problems. Their favorite mental process, extraverted Feeling (Fe), helps them see the impact that decisions have on others. This favorite process is backed up by their second favorite process, introverted Sensing (Si), which can help them store facts and data to recall when they are needed most. Serving as a good workplace example by helping team members...

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16 Types in the Workplace—INFJ

11 February 2016

One of my very best friends has preferences for INFJ. I have to admit that I don’t personally know many other people with these preferences, and not surprisingly, INFJ is the rarest, or among the rarest type, depending on which data you are looking at. An innovative approach to understanding ideas along with a quiet, considerate, and behind-the-scenes follow-through are workplace contributions often associated with people of this type. Their favorite mental process (Ni) helps them see not only a...

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