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Posted 07 August 2019 by
Shana Lebowitz, Business Insider

The "Freakishly Accurate" Leadership Assessment

"I took a personality test to assess my leadership potential and it was freakishly accurate..."

Posted 28 September 2017 by
Global Marketing

Fortune 10 Senior OD Consultant Talks about CPI 260 Certification Experience

Mike A., a Sr. OD Consultant at a Fortune 10 company, shares his perspective on attending the CPI 260® Certification course and why he wanted to add the CPI 260 instrument to his development toolkit. “In my world, I coach people who are high potentials. Individual contributors who’ve been seen by executives as future leaders – they can be first line managers, directors, etc. One thing about the CPI 260 is you can get the same kind of data [that you’d get f...