The self-perception trap is one of the biggest challenges leaders face. Two-thirds of leaders are less inclusive than they think they are.

Dr Rachel Cubas-Wilkinson, Senior Consultant,
The Myers-Briggs Company


of leaders overestimate their inclusion efforts


of organizations say their inclusion strategy is ineffective


of Millennials and Generation Z say inclusion strategies influence who they want to work for

Inclusion makes diversity work

Research shows that leaders are the key to a successful inclusion strategy. But it’s not just leaders at the top who are responsible – it’s all leaders, from the front-line up.

Use our research, training, webinars, and leadership expertise to shape an inclusion strategy that reaches everyone in your organization.

See why diversity of thought is how we, as people development professionals and practitioners, can make inclusion work better.

Inclusive Leadership: Harnessing Diversity of Thought

Train leaders to be inclusive with this new course. Delivered by leadership experts, it’s completely virtual and covers:

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An in-depth 61 page report based on 251 people who completed an online survey. Any respondents who were themselves managers or leaders were also asked questions about their own inclusive leadership style

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