16 Types in the Workplace

02 February 2016

I’ve started off 2016 with a lot on my plate. I earned my Foundations of Dialogue Education Certification while also facilitating several MBTI® and FIRO® workshops. It has been a fun and busy way to get the year going, and I don’t see it letting up. That’s a good thing!

In a recent training I was asked by a participant, “Which four preferences contribute most to an organization?”

Interesting question I thought, before answering, “Any preference can contribute to an organization, and any preference can present challenges.”

The question, “What do each of the 16 four-letter types bring to the workplace?” has led me to my next series on type.

Stay tuned...

If you are looking for an exclusive thought leadership event to further your MBTI training, check out our upcoming 2016 MBTI® Users Conference. Registration is now open. I’ve already heard from a few of you who have signed up. I look forward to seeing you then!

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