Explore our range of workshops led by the Myers-Briggs Company experts and designed to help improve individual effectiveness, group dynamics, and employee productivity. From virtual and in-person delivery to bite-sized formats and flexible scheduling, our workshops make it easy for you and your people to get actionable insights that improve performance. 

Workshop series


Inclusive Leadership: Harnessing Diversity of Thought

  • Three 2-hour sessions
  • Virtual

This workshop teaches leaders the behaviors and skills needed to drive a culture of inclusion and enhance performance, a fundamental part of any successful DE&I strategy.

Participants deep dive into “diversity of thought”—how people differ in their perceptions, experiences, backgrounds, work styles, values, and personality types. They’ll work through the core competency model for practicing inclusion to build self-awareness and inspire change. The workshop also reveals how to recognize one’s bias and productively work through conflict that can arise from differences. 

Managing Conflict for Positive Outcomes

  • 4-hour workshop
  • Virtual or in-person

This workshop introduces the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI®), the world’s best-selling conflict management tool, and explores five different conflict-handling modes, their impact on interpersonal and group dynamics, and how to choose the best one for any situation. Participants will learn that conflict is not bad but instead, when used correctly, can improve communication and problem-solving.

Custom workshops

Have a specific business challenge you need to address? Not sure what you really need? A customized solution from our people development experts might be the answer.

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