MBTI® Virtual Live Series

MBTI® Virtual Live Series

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The MBTI® Virtual Live Series is a series of online workshops for small groups or teams. Each workshop has been carefully designed to help participants develop the self-awareness and soft skills critical to working together and collaborating more effectively.

Delivered online by an expert consultant from The Myers-Briggs Company, each workshop lasts two hours and is designed for groups of 4 to 20 participants. For larger groups, please contact us.


Facilitated by experts

Each workshop is facilitated by an expert consultant and MBTI Certified Practitioner skilled in working with staff and leaders.

Interactive learning

Delivered online using video conferencing software, all our workshops incorporate live discussion prompts, group and solo activities, and opportunities to ask questions.

Flexible scheduling

Our two-hour workshops are designed as flexible, bite-sized learning solutions. They can be arranged to fit most workday schedules or as plug-and-play sessions within existing development programs.

Easy to scale

Workshops can be delivered to all types of groups and teams at all staff levels, and can be scheduled concurrently or in phases. Whatever works to help you make the most of the MBTI framework as a common language within your organization.

How it works

The MBTI® Virtual Live Series is anchored by the MBTI® Essentials Virtual Workshop, which provides a foundational understanding of the power of personality in the workplace.

After first completing this workshop, you have the option to expand participants’ learning with three add-on workshops. Each workshop focuses on building specific skills: Enhancing Communication, Managing Change, and Building Resilience. You can choose a single workshop, a combination, or even all three.

MBTI® Essentials Virtual Workshop (2 hours)

In this workshop, participants are introduced to the Myers-Briggs® personality framework and learn how they can collaborate with others more effectively by understanding and appreciating personality differences.

Learning outcomes

After the workshop, participants will be able to:

As part of the workshop, each participant will receive:

Add-on workshops:

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Enhancing Communication Virtual Workshop (90 mins)

Effective communication is at the heart of high-performing teams and organizations. This add-on workshop helps participants explore how their MBTI preferences influence their communication style and learn how to leverage those insights to improve both personal communication effectiveness and collaboration with others.

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Managing Change Virtual Workshop (90 mins)

Change is a constant in our lives—arguably more so than ever before. In this add-on workshop, participants will learn how to navigate change through the lens of personality type to successfully manage challenges and disruptions during times of change.

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Building Resilience Virtual Workshop (90 mins)

Stress is the feeling of being under too much mental or emotional pressure. This add-on workshop helps participants understand their personal stress triggers and identify strategies for managing stress and building resilience both at work and at home.

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A starting point for developing more inclusive leaders: Get even more from the MBTI framework with our latest virtual workshop

Inclusive leadership

Inclusive Leadership: Nurturing Diversity of Thought Virtual Workshop

Help your leaders develop the behaviors and skills they need to drive a culture of inclusion and enhance team and organizational performance with our latest online workshop. This Inclusive Leadership workshop can be scheduled on its own or as a follow-up workshop for people managers and leaders who have already completed the MBTI Essentials workshop.

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The MBTI® Essentials Virtual Workshop provided my team with knowledge to work together more efficiently. And improve our interpersonal relationships. It also helped me be a better team leader.

Jennifer Lindstrom, Pharm.D., Director of Pharmacy at Treasure Valley Hospital

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