MBTI® Essentials Virtual Workshop

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The MBTI® Essentials Virtual Workshop introduces participants to the Myers-Briggs® personality framework and provides guidance on how people can collaborate more effectively through understanding personality differences.

This virtually facilitated group workshop – led by one of our expert consultants – is part of the MBTI® Virtual Live series.

Workshop features
  • Live instructor-led virtual session
  • Arrange a time and date that works for you
  • Interactive dialogue, exercises, and Q&A
  • Participants can join individually from their computer or as a group from the same location
  • Available for groups and teams
Workshop benefits
  • Confirm participants’ best-fit MBTI® type
  • Increase self-awareness by understanding one’s natural source of energy, motivations, frustrations, and blind spots
  • Apply MBTI® type to appreciate differences in how people communicate and make decisions
  • Create an individual action plan to leverage learnings

The Virtual Essentials workshop provided my team with knowledge to work together more efficiently. And improve our interpersonal relationships. It also helped me be a better team leader.

Jennifer Lindstrom, Pharm.D., Director of Pharmacy at Treasure Valley Hospital

Get more from the MBTI framework with these add-on instructor-led virtual workshops

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Enhancing Communication

Effective communication is at the heart of successful teams and thriving organizations. Participants gain

  • Understanding of personal communication style and preferences
  • Deeper appreciation for diversity of communication styles and preferences
  • Actions for increasing one’s personal communication effectiveness
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Managing Change

In this session, participants will explore the process of navigating change by first understanding the role of personality type. Participants gain

  • Understanding of personal change style and preferences
  • Deeper appreciation for how change can be more successfully navigated through psychological essentials
  • Actions for increasing one’s personal effectiveness during times of change
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Building Resilience

When you feel stressed, it can get in the way of dealing effectively with life’s demands, and it can affect everything you do. Participants gain

  • Understanding their personal stress triggers
  • Identifying strategies for coping with and reducing stress
  • Essentials to prepare them to build their resilience at work and home

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