Developing Crucial Skills for New Managers

Developing Crucial Skills for New Managers
Workshop series
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Good management leads to better performance from individuals, teams, and organizations. Yet 82% of new managers don’t receive any formal management or leadership training to prepare them for their role.*

This lack of training can negatively impact managers’ confidence and their ability to lead their teams and tackle potential challenges. And on the flip side, employees with ineffective managers are less satisfied and motivated in their jobs and are more likely to struggle or quit. Expert training and support for managers are therefore essential to not only safeguard but maximize employee retention and performance.

At The Myers-Briggs Company, we believe that the best approach to developing managers and leaders is grounded in a deep understanding of personality and how to work with different personality types. Developing Crucial Skills for New Managers is a series of online workshops that supports managers and leaders by nurturing this understanding and develops their skills, knowledge, and confidence so that they can get the best from their teams. Participants will first be introduced to two personality frameworks—MBTI® and FIRO®—to raise awareness of their management style and how other people’s perceptions, experiences, values, and needs can differ. Participants can then apply this awareness to build competence in five key management areas through add-on workshops.

*Chartered Management Institute, 2023.

workshop format

  • Virtual or in-person
  • Instructor-led
  • One foundational 3-hour workshop + pre-work, followed by optional add-on workshops (2–3 hours each)
  • For groups of 4-20 people

participants will receive

  • MBTI®Complete assessment and three-page Type Description report
  • FIRO-B assessment and two-page FIRO-B Profile 
  • Participant toolkit
  • Myers-Briggs® App


  • Varies depending on number of workshops and participants. Contact us for details.

How it works

The Developing Crucial Skills for New Managers series of online workshops is anchored by the Understanding Your Management Style workshop, which provides participants an understanding of their management style. Following this foundational workshop, participants can expand their learning with five optional add-on workshops, with each building specific skills crucial for effective managers: Decision-Making and Communication, Coaching and Mentoring Skills, Managing Conflict and Difficult Conversations, Building and Developing a Team, and Managing Your Resilience. Customers can choose a single workshop, a combination, or even all five.

Developing Crucial Skills for New Managers can be scheduled on its own or as follow-on training for managers and leaders who have already completed the the MBTI Essentials or Inclusive Leadership workshop.

Understanding Your Management Style

foundational workshop
  • MBTI framework and personality preferences
  • FIRO framework and interpersonal needs
  • Your MBTI and FIRO profiles as a manager

Decision-making and Communication

add-on workshop
  • Making effective decisions
  • The role of personality in communication styles
  • Leveraging communication to influence others

Coaching and Mentoring Skills

add-on workshop
  • The impact of a coaching mindset
  • Active listening and powerful questions
  • Constructive challenges and feedback
  • Goal setting and action planning
  • Applying a coaching framework

Managing Conflict and Difficult Conversations

add-on workshop
  • Common sources of conflict within teams
  • The role of personality in approaching conflict
  • Conflict management strategies
  • Handling difficult conversations

Building and Developing a Team

add-on workshop
  • Behaviors of a high-performing team
  • Stages & challenges of team development
  • Negotiating ways of working
  • Motivation & engagement

Managing Your Resilience

add-on workshop
  • Challenges of being a manager
  • Recognizing your stress profile
  • Strategies for stress management
  • Negotiating boundaries

Learning outcomes

  • Managers and leaders will harness in-depth understanding of their own and others’ personalities to better develop and adapt their management style.
  • Managers and leaders will build a toolkit of practical skills to get the best from themselves and their team.
  • Managers and leaders will be empowered to tackle potential challenges while looking after themselves and embedding a culture of well-being.

Who it's for

  • New managers and leaders

  • Rising stars and high potential employees

  • Informal leaders

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