Help others discover the power
of their personality


When you are committed to helping people be their best and realize their potential, becoming certified to use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment is a natural choice. For professionals in executive coaching, certification provides tools for helping clients increase their self-awareness and identify their strengths and blind spots. In the field of management consulting, certification enables practitioners to help improve individual and organizational performance and enhance team communication and dynamics. Enrich your professional skills for helping others discover the power of their personality with the MBTI instrument via one of the world’s most popular organizational development certification programs.

Why become MBTI® certified?


The MBTI® Certification Program will enable you to:

  • Gain a better understanding of your and others' personality preferences and how they affect personal and professional relationships.
  • Deliver more effective employee engagement programs with a greater understanding of your people, teams, and organization.
  • Enhance the onboarding process for new hires with insight into their personality preferences and that of their colleagues.
  • Help students gain a richer understanding of their personality preferences and of how their preferences relate to choices in their educational and future career path. 
  • Grow professionally, through access to and insight into the world’s most widely used personality assessment, so that you can help others be their best.

Who should attend MBTI® certification?

  • HR professionals
  • Organizational development professionals
  • Trainers and educators
  • Management consultants
  • Executive coaches
  • Career counselors
  • Family counselors
  • Academic advisors
  • Line managers

What will you learn?

  • The origins and background of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® assessment, and how to successfully administer the assessment
  • Technical aspects of the Myers-Briggs® assessment, including information about reliability and validity
  • How to deliver MBTI feedback and personality insights to individuals and groups, using the results for personal and team development, career coaching, and more
  • Your personality type and what that means for your personal and professional relationships
  • How MBTI preferences combine dynamically to add depth and understanding to personality differences
  • Practical, ethical, and effective uses for the MBTI assessment in business, government, the military, educational institutions, and beyond

Three ways to become MBTI certified

Hold an on-site training program
If there are 10 or more people at your organization wishing to become certified, we can run MBTI certification training on-site.
Participate in distance learning

An online certification program delivered by our training partner GS Consultants is available for educators and career counselors. 

Join a public program
Public MBTI certification programs are delivered in various locations around the U.S. by our training partner the Myers & Briggs Foundation. These public programs are approved for continuing education (CE) hours by many professional organizations.
Not based in the U.S.? Find out how to get MBTI certified in your region
Find answers to your MBTI certification questions in our FAQs.