Showing Appreciation—ISFJ

12 January 2017

In this series I’m delving into how each of the 16 types approaches being thankful. If you want to read a little about your own preferences ahead of time, feel free to visit this link:

Today’s type: ISFJ. You likely celebrate birthdays and special events traditionally. Try not to take it personally if others do not focus on these activities as much as you do.

This statement relates to the friendly approach I often see from people who prefer Sensing and Feeling. My partner, Kevin, has preferences for ISFJ and has established traditions for how special events should be celebrated. His birthday was a couple of months ago, and while he is not a demanding person at all, his tradition of celebrating a birthday means there must be a cake. I’m not a baker, so I tend to get stressed about where I’m going to get the cake each year. I must try to remember that just getting a cake (any cake) fulfills his tradition expectation.

We have made it a point to stay home over the winter. It’s a nice tradition that we both appreciate. For him it is about doing special things, the same each year—like a drive to San Francisco so we can take our usual holiday walking tour of the city. It all starts at Union Square, where we get our picture taken in front of the tree before heading toward the Embarcadero. Along the way we visit several hotel lobbies to see the magical displays put up this time of year. We then cross over to the Ferry Building to shop and visit the wine bar. Irish coffee at the Buena Vista is next followed by a walk along the water until we reach the Filbert Steps. We walk up those steep and “too-many-to-count” steps and end up near Chinatown and North Beach. It’s a fun day for me mostly because I get to see how happy it makes Kevin, each year. I’ve learned to look forward to this tradition.

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