Increasing Student Persistence in College and Universities with Technology

Increasing Student Persistence in College and Universities with Technology

New Ebook by The Myers-Briggs Company Discusses the Critical Resources to Improve Graduation Rates While Supporting the Needs of Higher Education Staff

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Oct. 25, 2023 – Student persistence has been a challenge for higher education nationally. According to the NCES, only 64 percent of students completed a bachelor’s degree at the same place they started in 2014. To assist higher education staff in combatting low persistence, The Myers-Briggs Company released its new ebook: Leveraging Technology to Increase Student Persistence: A checklist for finding the right career readiness solution.

Self-awareness and student success

One crucial part of a successful college journey is supporting students in cultivating self-awareness for a deeper understanding of themselves.

By developing self-awareness, students are more capable of articulating what they want and need. Additionally, self-awareness empowers them to advocate for themselves during their academic journey and in their future professions. One method to assist in finding a path toward graduation is using an interest assessment like the Strong Interest Inventory®. Tools like these are important, because lack of clear direction is one of the leading factors in students dropping out of college.

Career readiness platforms – where to start?

Another consideration is which student readiness platform is best for the institution? The ebook outlines a checklist of features staff should consider, including platforms that assist staff by:

Using the ebook, college and university staff now have an easy starting point for evaluating solution features to guarantee student success while easing the overwhelming burden student support staff currently endures.

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