Ask An Expert: Measuring the Success of Your Career Development Program

Make an impact on your students’ career development.

How do you prove you are making an impact on your students’ career development? What can you measure to prove you are making a difference? Based on her own experience launching a career development program for a Fortune 500 company, in this 1.5 hour webinar Saundra Stroope covers the following topics to help make your program a success:

  • Applying established business career development practices to your work with students
  • Understanding the needs assessment process and how to customize your program design
  • Strategically aligning programs with students’ needs
  • Using the Strong Interest Inventory® assessment to align personal interests with a career path
  • Using pre- and post-program surveys and follow-up counseling conversations to evaluate behavior change
  • Measuring the overall success of your program

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Series description 

Whether you are looking for application techniques or interested in learning more about the Strong Interest Inventory® or the Myers-Briggs® (MBTI®) assessments and how to best use them, we offer this complimentary webinar series to aid in your development. In this 1.5 hour format, you will have an opportunity to ask questions of our expert, Patrick Kerwin. The webinar content is suitable for Career Counselors, Academic Advisors, Career Coaches, and other practitioners who provide career development guidance to students or clients. This webinar will be recorded and archived under the "Education On-Demand" tab if you are not able to attend "live".

About the Expert:

Saundra Stroope is a human resources manager at Intermountain Healthcare. She has 20 years of experience creating HR and development solutions that align with business strategy and achieve results in a variety of industries (healthcare, aerospace, defense, mining, energy, telecommunications) at global and Fortune 500 companies. Saundra has published over a dozen works and contributed the chapter “Career Development to Engage and Retain High Potential Emerging Leaders” to Integrated Talent Management Scorecards, released in September 2013 by ASTD Press. She holds a master’s degree in human resources management, a bachelor’s degree in psychology, and several professional certifications, including for CPP tools such as the MBTI®, Strong, and TKI assessments.