MBTI certification online refresher

MBTI® Certification Online Refresher

Renew your MBTI® knowledge and confidence with this on‑demand video course.

Feeling a bit rusty? If you successfully completed an MBTI certification program but haven’t used what you learned there in a while, this self-paced online video course is for you. Designed to be completed in as little as a single afternoon, it provides a brief but comprehensive review of the information you need to quickly get back up to speed and facilitating trainings with confidence.

What you Get
Review of key MBTI topics
Review of key MBTI topics

From MBTI theory and interpreting results to more advanced topics such as type dynamics and analyzing a team type table, the refresher course reviews the most critical topics covered in a standard certification program. Now includes a brief introduction to the MBTI global assessment. See detailed course outline.

Self-paced learning
Self-paced learning

The course consists of over two hours of instruction presented in 12 HD videos organized by topic. Featuring footage from a real certification program as well as exclusive content, the course will feel at once familiar, original, and engaging. Watch the videos in order or pick and choose based on your needs. Watch short preview.

90-day on-demand access
One year on-demand access

Watch the videos whenever you want, wherever you want, and as many times as you want within your access period. Purchase of the refresher course entitles you to one year of on-demand access.

Expert Teachers
Expert teachers

The course was designed by and features The Myers-Briggs Company’s MBTI® Master Practitioners, who have led countless certification programs and are passionate about what they teach. It’ll be like having your own private tutor.

Time and money saving solution
Time- and money-saving solution

Completing the refresher course in one afternoon is an easy choice when the alternative is digging through and deciphering your old certification materials and notes, or spending more time and money to get recertified.

Course Outline
  • Introduction
  • A Review of Type Basics
  • Administering the MBTI Assessment
  • Introducing the Global Assessment
  • Interpreting MBTI Assessment Results
  • Creating and Analyzing a Team Type Table
  • Type Dynamics
  • Learning Tasks for Applying Type with Teams
  • The Research Behind the MBTI Instrument
  • Responding to Criticism of the MBTI Assessment
  • Closing Remarks
  • Giving Feedback to Individuals on the MBTI® Global Step I Assessment
See detailed course outline.
Before You Buy
Purchaser eligibility

The MBTI® Certification Online Refresher is for individuals who have successfully completed an MBTI certification program or who are educationally eligible to purchase The Myers-Briggs Company products.

Although the refresher course can provide a helpful overview, it is not a substitute for certification training. We recommend that you pair this course with other practitioner resources, such as the most recent edition of the MBTI manual, to ensure a more complete understanding of how to use the MBTI assessments accurately and ethically.

Accessible for one year

Purchase of this refresher course constitutes a one-time subscription that is good for one year. The subscription period begins upon purchase, even if you don’t access the course right away. The subscription automatically expires on the 365th day after purchase.

Technical requirements

To access the refresher course, you must have (1) a themyersbriggs.com account, and (2) a laptop or desktop computer. The course is designed for laptop and desktop computers and will not provide an optimal experience if accessed through a tablet or smartphone.

No refunds / exchanges

No refunds or exchanges can be provided due to the product format.

Accessing the course
Wait for confirmation email

After you purchase the course, a confirmation email containing an access link will be sent to you. If you don’t receive a confirmation email within 24 hours, please contact Customer Support for assistance.

Click the access link in the email

You must be logged into your themyersbriggs.com account to access the course. If you’re already logged into your account when you click the access link in the email, you’ll be taken directly to the course landing page. If you’re not logged in when you click the link, you’ll be prompted to log in. Immediately after you log in, you’ll be taken directly to the course landing page.

Review of key MBTI topics
Pro Tip
  • For quick access to the course after purchase, go to your themyersbriggs.com Dashboard and click the Get Access link on the right side of the page in the “MBTI® Certification Online Refresher” section. You’ll then be taken directly to the course landing page.
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