Educational Eligibility

Determining Your Educational Eligibility


Some U.S.-based practitioners are able to purchase The Myers-Briggs Company products right away by verifying their educational and/or professional license eligibility. Please note that Educational Eligibility is only applicable in the United States. Criteria for becoming certified on our instruments may vary by region and differ from U.S. requirements. Please complete the Global Sales Inquiry.

Our eligibility requirements help ensure that each practitioner fully understands the best and most ethical way to administer, interpret, and apply our assessments—and is able to help produce the greatest benefit each time a tool is used.

If you hold a master’s or doctoral degree in psychology or a related field and/or hold a specific state license or national or state certification (see the lists below), you are considered educationally eligible. This means you are already qualified to purchase and use our assessments.*





If your degree, license or certification is listed above, you are educationally eligible to purchase and use our assessments. We still recommend that you attend a certification program, in order to gain an understanding of the context of your chosen assessment, including theory, construction, psychometric properties and applications. To register as educationally eligible, log in and update your status here.


If your training and education is not on the approved list for educational eligibility, you will need to attend certification training, which will equip you with knowledge and resources to work with the assessments.

* Educational eligibility allows for the purchase and use of all restricted materials except the MBTI® Step III™ instrument. CPI™ 434 and ACL can be purchased only by practitioners who have established their educational eligibility.