Showing Appreciation—INTJ

19 January 2017

In this series I’m delving into how each of the 16 types approaches being thankful. If you want to read a little about your own preferences ahead of time, feel free to visit this link:

Today’s type: INTJ. Being self-reliant, you may not see the importance of regularly appreciating others. Make a point of sharing kind words and deeds.

That description connects to the Introverted Intuitive approach often taken by individuals with preferences for INTJ. I know some INTJ colleagues who, in an effort to make a more conscious effort toward appreciating others, will add reminders to their calendar. It helps them come out of their independently innovative world so they can connect just a bit more with those who need it.

Of course, if you have INTJ preferences, it’s likely important for you to get some time by yourself or with just one other person. Be careful not to fill your calendar too much or you might find yourself worn out.

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