Career Ready, Career Strong

18 March 2016

As a career counselor and academic advisor, you want your students to have the best tools to prepare for the future—preferably before the last minute. That's why, as your expert personal guide, we've created a "Career Ready, Career Strong" toolkit based on the Strong Interest Inventory® assessment to help you promote your career services and get your students on the right track sooner. This toolkit includes:

•A fun, interactive social media video to help you establish your brand and engage with students

•Social media content for you to leverage and build a greater online presence

•Student take-home flyer on the importance of using the Strong assessment for career exploration

•Customizable flyer to aid in promoting your services on campus

•Embeddable video, “How to Choose a Career Based on Interests"

•Strong sample reports

We hope you find these resources useful! In fact, we would love to hear how you have used this toolkit to increase student engagement. Just visit to share your story and get a free ebook. Enjoy!


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