Fortune 500 Chemicals Co. Increases Team Efficiency Up to 20% Using TKI Tool

16 Jun 2016

You’ve probably encountered Celanese Corporation’s products throughout your day and not even been aware of it. From the materials that make up the places you work and live, to the vehicle that helps you get there, and the technology that protects you and enhances your life, Celanese is in all these places. Celanese is comprised of engineers, scientists, operators and product developers who work together to solve problems and spur innovation in chemistry and the modern materials industry. They advance automotive and consumer electronic designs and enable life-improving medical, food and beverage products, all while priding themselves on the innovation that’s key to their customer solutions. With so many incredibly smart employees pushing the limits on materials, chemical knowledge and innovation, conflict is inevitable. Especially in the manufacturing environment where harsh compounds and many different types of equipment are used every day, keeping employees safe is a key concern and mitigating conflict within teams to ensure safety is essential. That’s why Celanese Corporation chose to use the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument to help resolve team conflict more efficiently, increase employee engagement and ultimately improve organizational productivity, paying back their investment in the TKI in less than four months. Take a look below at how Celanese uses the TKI to help mitigate conflict and ensure ongoing successful innovation in their company:

Celanese E1D-71C-81C Learn more about the TKI assessment, view case studies and videos and download sample reports at  To get more in-depth information about the TKI assessment and how it’s used in team development initiatives, download the TKI eBook here. TechValidate is a third party research firm that collects information from verified CPP customers, checks the accuracy and authenticity of the data and publishes statistics, deployment facts, and the unfiltered voice of the end-user, without any editorial/analyst commentary, to a research portal open to the public. Click here to access CPP’s customer research portal                                        


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