Is It Over Already?

26 Jan 2016

It has been a great three days (one day of pre-conference and two days in conference). The final conference session was a keynote by Wayne Cascio, Reynolds Distinguished Chair in Global Leadership, titled “Workplace Challenges: What’s Next?” This was a perfect end to the conference, and it offered great insight on what is coming down the pike. Topics addressed included:

Extreme longevity—people are living longer; by 2025 the number of people over the age of 60 will increase by 70%

The rise of the smart machine—there has been so much development around robots and co-bots (robots intended to interact with humans in a shared workspace), reflecting an even higher demand to be connected in some way all the time

The computational world—big data proves that people of similar MBTI® preferences tend to gravitate toward particular careers

The growth of teams—at least 80% of us function as part of a team at least part of the time; the MBTI assessment is widely used in team building to help team members appreciate the differences between themselves and their teammates

Social media—who isn’t on some form of social media? OK, there may still be a few, but on average, across all MBTI types 65% use Facebook, with those with preferences for ISTJ having the lowest percentage at 51.6% and those who prefer ENFJ having the highest at 75.5%.

Living in a globally connected world—the challenges of bringing together business, technology, and culture

If you would like more information on the upcoming 2016 MBTI® Users Conference, click here. Registration is open. I’ve already heard from a few of you who have signed up. I look forward to seeing you then!

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