I’m Next!

19 January 2016

Day 2 of the MBTI® Users Conference is filled with so much wonderful content. It was great to hear about how Procter & Gamble started as a company in 1837 making soap and candles, and today it does so much more—while encouraging openness and diversity along the way. DiversityInc lists P&G as one of the top 10 companies for global diversity, and HRC gives it a perfect score of 100. The MBTI assessment is a big part of its “honoring differences” approach.

While I have enjoyed attending sessions, I also delivered one. The room was packed, and I was touched to see so many familiar faces. That also made me a little nervous—training people I don’t know is much easier than training people I do know. My session was titled “Make the Best Decisions of Your Life.” It focused on the power of using both our favorite and second favorite processes (dominant and auxiliary functions) along with the Third and Least favorite processes (tertiary and inferior) to make better decisions. While using all four of our mental processes (S, N, T, and F) more regularly is easier said than done, we can all learn how to flex our approach when making decisions.

To be continued…

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