The Myers-Briggs Company Announces New Charity Partner: Take 3 for the Sea

The Myers-Briggs Company Announces New Charity Partner: Take 3 for the Sea

Collaboration with the award-winning Australia-based non-profit on a mission to free oceans of plastic pollution started July 2023

Aug. 10, 2023 — By employee vote, The Myers-Briggs Company selected the Australia-based organization Take 3 for The Sea as their new charity partner. Employees were enamored by the non-profit's impactful work and direct message.

“Plastic is a big problem for our planet,” says The Myers-Briggs Company CEO, Jeff Hayes. “Our employees are excited to get behind the mission of reducing plastic pollution in our waterways and being mindful of our own plastic use. And as a B Corp, we’re aligned with Take 3 for the Sea in leaving the planet better than we found it.”

Take 3 for the Sea strives to combat the detrimental effects of plastic pollution on wildlife and the environment with a simple message: take three pieces of rubbish with you when you leave the beach, waterway, or anywhere, and you’ve made a difference!

Jacquie Riddell, CEO for Take 3 for the Sea, emphasizes the urgent need for action to combat plastic pollution in our oceans: “Now is the time to act and encourage personal and corporate responsibility to contribute to the solution. Working with The Myers-Briggs Company, we hope to inspire and guide millions more people towards positive actions they can take to solve the problem.”

Given the new partnership started in Plastic Free July, The Myers-Briggs Company’s Oxford office employees got together for their first Take 3 for the Sea-inspired litter pickup, collecting over 1,300 liters of trash along the Cherwell River.

The partnership will run through the end of 2024.

About Take 3 for the Sea

Take 3 for the Sea is a respected Australia-based charity on a mission to rid the oceans of plastic pollution. We believe in simple actions to address complex problems. Take 3 pieces of rubbish with you when you leave the beach, waterway or… anywhere and you have made a difference. Take 3 delivers education, community and corporate programs to spread the word about the devastating impact of plastic pollution on the environment. Using solution-based approaches, we educate, inspire and motivate people around the world to take action.

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