New Career Assessment Predicts Potential Major and Job Satisfaction

New Career Assessment Predicts Potential Major and Job Satisfaction

The Myers-Briggs Company Releases the Strong 244 Career Assessment with Satisfaction Scores

SUNNYVALE, Calif., May 4, 2023 – What if you could use personality and interest data to predict how satisfied you’re likely to be in a certain major, or later in a particular career? The new Strong Interest Inventory 244 assessment and report gives users a powerful new tool to explore potential academic and career pathways, but with less time spent answering questions.

The Strong 244 assessment is a new version of the well-known Strong Interest Inventory career assessment that’s been designed to be more inclusive and insightful for individuals exploring career pathways. With scores comparing your interests to a database of information, users can see potential satisfaction scores for 33 academic majors and in 243 occupations (up from 130) in the accompanying Strong 244 Career Satisfaction Report.

In addition, the Strong 244 assessment doesn’t require a gender input or use gender in the scoring and interpretation of results, making it more inclusive to all gender identities.

Shorter in length, the Strong 244 assessment also includes an improved consistency index and a myriad of updated occupations such as hospitality & tourism, and conservation & environmentalism.

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