Identify and Manage Stress with Personality Type Knowledge

Identify and Manage Stress with Personality Type Knowledge

The Myers-Briggs Company shares well-being resources for Stress Awareness Month

SUNNYVALE, Calif., April 19, 2023 - With work-related demands, financial pressures, relationship issues, and more factors affecting well-being, Americans are stressed.

According to a poll by the APA, 76% of adults reported experiencing at least one physical symptom (such as headache) due of stress.

Even though some stress is inevitable, it can be managed more effectively with a little more self-awareness. For Stress Awareness Month this year, The Myers-Briggs Company is sharing resources to help people deal with and remedy the stress they may be experiencing.

Stress and MBTI Personality Type

Because the signs of stress vary greatly among people, insights from personality psychology can go a long way in raising self-awareness and awareness of others when it comes to stress. This is where tools like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment can help.

Someone’s MBTI type preferences can help you understand their unique stress triggers, the behaviors they’re likely to exhibit when experiencing stress, and the coping strategies that work for them both in their personal and professional lives.

To learn more about personality type and stress, download this stress infographic.

More Resources

Among the resources available to help understand and manage stress in the workplace is the Quick Guide to Raising Awareness about Stress with practical tips to assist managers, leaders, and teams. You can also find more on the MBTIonline Stress Resources page.

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