Can’t Get No (Career) Satisfaction? Try MBTIonline Careers

Can’t Get No (Career) Satisfaction? Try MBTIonline Careers

The Myers-Briggs Company’s New Tool Enables Extensive Career Exploration

SUNNYVALE, Calif., May 6, 2021 — Are you looking for your ideal career? The Myers-Briggs Company, a Certified B Corp™, announced today a new self-guided career exploration tool: MBTIonline Careers. Built on the science of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®), the world’s leading research-validated psychometric tool, MBTIonline Careers uses hundreds of thousands of data points pulled into a proprietary algorithm to match you to best-fit occupations based on your MBTI results and predicts your satisfaction in those careers.

Streamline your career search

Choosing your career is an important life decision, considering the average adult spends 13 full years of their life at work over the course of their lifetime. In addition, you’re more likely to perform better in a career you’re satisfied with.

“MBTIonline Careers is ideal for both those looking into their first job or for a career change,” says Dr. Rich Thompson, Sr. Director of Research at The Myers-Briggs Company. “MBTIonline Careers draws on data from over 500,000 employed adults to predict the likelihood of a person being satisfied in an occupation. The results give people clarity and precision around how well their personality will contribute to being satisfied in over 300 different specific occupations, and over 1000 related occupations.”

Breadth and depth of career exploration

Occupational information for over 1,000 careers from the US Department of Labor’s O*NET® database has been seamlessly integrated into MBTIonline Career’s user-friendly portal. Information for each occupation includes salary expectations, job trends, common job activities, education requirements, and more. All this information enables users to conveniently research recommended, or any, occupations in one place.

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