Shaping the Future of Work for Introverted Types

Shaping the Future of Work for Introverted Types

The Myers-Briggs Company celebrates World Introvert Day by sharing how Introverted types can best approach remote, hybrid, and in-person work

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Dec. 29, 2021 — Almost two years after the pandemic redesigned the workplace, World Introvert Day (January 2) lets us reconsider the work world for those preferring Introversion--a group making up 57 percent of the global population.

Many companies and employees will transition back to offices in 2022. But that may be more challenging for those preferring Introversion. And employers' treatment of workers (including return-to-work policies) are a factor adding to the turnover tsunami reported by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

How can companies help introverted employees stick around while shaping the workplace more in their favor? Start by understanding differences in motivation and personality. As this tip sheet from The Myers-Briggs Company shares: listen, be empathetic and support your workers that prefer Introversion. 

Remote, hybrid or in-person? Tips for managers and introverted employees

Employees want choices. Trust workers to gravitate to where they work best. Workers who prefer Introversion need to be heard but often speak up less. In addition, managers need to check their own biases.

For those who prefer Introversion, "we need to honor our preference for Introversion, but that's not what we tend to do" says Michael Segovia, Sr. Consultant at The Myers-Briggs Company and TEDx speaker. "Don't apologize for who you are and don't be embarrassed to ask for help."

Celebrating World Introvert Day

Download the World Introvert Day infographic

Download the World Introvert Day tip sheet for HR professionals, managers, and employees

From December 29th to January 15th, The Myers-Briggs Company is celebrating World Introvert Day by offering a 15% discount to MBTIonline and MBTIonline Careers with code MBTI22.

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