MBTI® Type Tips Meet Fingertips with New Myers-Briggs® App

MBTI Practitioners Have a New Tool in Their Training Arsenal

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Mar. 31, 2020 — MBTI® practitioners can now give participants instant access to accurate MBTI type information anytime, anywhere with the new Myers-Briggs® App. The Myers-Briggs Company announced today that the new app will be available for practitioners to download through the Apple store and Google Play. Organizations and MBTI certified practitioners can use the app to help people:

“According to a Deloitte study*, nearly 95 percent of people with smartphones are using their phones daily and picking up their phones 52 times a day on average,” says Jeff Hayes, president and CEO of The Myers-Briggs Company. “Personality insights need to be accessible to be put into action, so we put the most valuable MBTI data right where people can see it – on their smartphones.”

With the Myers-Briggs App, accessibility promotes greater use of MBTI type, making it easier for organizations to reinforce the benefits of MBTI-based professional development training.   

Compare MBTI preferences for better communication

Select any two MBTI personality types from the type table in the app – or from your contacts list – and compare them. You’ll understand the strengths, blind spots, likes and work preferences of the two types. Use the app’s on-the-spot guidance ahead of any person-to-person interaction to build positive relationships. 

“Imagine going into a meeting with your boss through a virtual platform without the benefit of eye contact. Opening the app is a great way to remind yourself how the other person communicates, makes decisions, and what they might value most from your conversation,” says Sherrie Haynie, director of US Professional Services at The Myers-Briggs Company. “I guarantee that interaction will go more smoothly with MBTI personality insight.”

Visit this page to learn more about the new Myers-Briggs® App
*Deloitte 2019 Global Mobile Consumer Survey 

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