The Myers-Briggs® App

The Myers-Briggs® App

Put Self-awareness Into Action Anytime, Anywhere

April 2, 2020

MBTI® practitioners can now give participants instant access to accurate MBTI type information anytime, anywhere with the new Myers-Briggs® App.

The new app will be available for practitioners to download through the Apple store and Google Play. Organizations and MBTI certified practitioners can use the app to help people:

According to a Deloitte study*, nearly 95 percent of people with smartphones are using their phones daily and picking up their phones 52 times a day on average. Personality insights need to be accessible to be put into action, and the new Myers-Briggs App puts the most valuable MBTI data right where people can see it.

With the Myers-Briggs App, accessibility promotes greater use of MBTI type, making it easier for organizations to reinforce the benefits of MBTI-based professional development training.  

In addition, select any two MBTI personality types from the type table in the app – or from your contacts list – and compare them.

Users will better understand the strengths, blind spots, likes and work preferences of the two types. Use the app’s on-the-spot guidance ahead of any person-to-person interaction to build positive relationships.

Visit this page to learn more about the new Myers-Briggs® App.

*Deloitte 2019 Global Mobile Consumer Survey