Provide planning tools aligned with valid and reliable interest and personality data

The VitaNavis® analytics platform helps students make informed decisions by providing them with valid and reliable tools. With VitaNavis, we start with an interest assessment at the core that integrates this data with iPEDS, O*Net, BLS, and other tools to help students select programs or majors for their education plans. Research shows that interests are more predictive than ability and personality when it comes to income, degree attainment, college persistence, and other success factors, which is why this is key to getting students excited about their future possibilities.

Additionally, students can explore vocational paths, learning styles, skills and competencies development, and more, which helps to ensure that we are building a capable and workforce-ready generation.

Individual, cohort, and aggregated data insights for faculty and administration

One of the key benefits of the platform is the ability to see how students respond to and rate their results. This allows for schools to have deeper and more informed conversations based on real-time insights.Through the use of Analytics, customized reporting can yield information about your student population, product usage, ROI surveys you can deploy, and more.

The VitaNavis platform provides a data-rich environment for faculty and administration to both detect and support early alert and intervention as well as resource planning.

Robust, rapid, insightful and secure

The VitaNavis platform also offers:

  • Unlimited access: The ability to offer prospective students access to explore your school’s programs and majors that map to their interests. You can map directly to your course catalog.
  • Research Reliability: Valid, reliable assessments and tools that are backed by over 90 years of research.
  • A Data-Rich Environment: Analytics and reporting on data to understand the drivers of your student populations’ success. Make data-driven decisions based on personalized insights to support goals and improve outcomes.
  • Student Support: Insights, such as students’ ability to rate career interests, to enable a deeper understanding of the individual for more effective counselor and advising conversations.
  • Security: Built-in data safety protocols ensure that information is not shared without permission of the user.
  • Mobility/Modality: Easy and quick implementation that is ready to deploy in a day. Onboarding and training is offered to ensure a seamless transition.