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Between incredibly high student:counselor ratios and surprise audits for post-graduate plans, your counselors are overstretched.

One way to help your counselors scale their efforts, while keeping students engaged with career planning and developing their post-graduate plans, is to use the right tools and technology.

Give your students the info and resources they need where they already spend most of their time—on their phones.

Want to know how high schools like yours are engaging their students towards success from the start?

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Whether you’re focusing on completing hundreds of education plans or helping a single student map out their next steps, The Myers-Briggs Company’s solutions are used widely within the education sector from high school to graduate studies. Here are a few examples:

Lane College Case Study
The college has seen increased retention rates (15.96%), student usage of the Career Center, and positivity in relation to community service projects and volunteer work with VitaNavis.

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Morris College Case Study
The Enrollment Services and Admissions are using the data provided by VitaNavis to assist students in deciding on a major and also changing to a major that better suits their skills and interests.

Download Case Study

University of Alberta
MBTI tool helps University of Alberta MBAs master themselves.

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Free for your students: 4 Ways to find a job you’ll enjoy after graduation (or anytime)

Share any or all of this article with your students to give them actionable steps to better understand themselves and figure out what their next steps should be. Read the blog here.