Why Well-Being in the Workplace Matters for Organizational Performance and How To Improve It

Organizations investing in the well-being of their people is becoming the norm, rather than the exception. When employees report higher levels of well-being they perform better than their counterparts do on multiple measures, including financial, innovation and talent retention. But what affects workplace well-being? And how can you and other organizational decision-makers target the most effective ways to enhance it?

In partnership with HR.com, this webinar presents the findings and insights of a 3-year international well-being study investigating the role of personality and culture to learn:

  • What employee well-being is and why it is important to your organization
  • How workforce composition impacts workplace well-being
  • Strategies for improving workplace well-being
  • About an opportunity to participate in an ongoing study to benefit your organization or team

Well-being in the Workplace Report

Key findings from a 3-year international study investigating workplace well-being, the activities most effective for enhancing well-being, and the benefits for organizations fostering well-being for their employees.


If your organization is interested in participating in The Myers-Briggs Company’s ongoing Well-being Research, email research@themyersbriggs.com for details.

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