True Transparency: Facilitating 2-Way Communication Through an Understanding of Psychological Type

Today, workers are expected to communicate effectively with their peers, manager, and customers. But there isn’t a one-size fits all way to be a “good communicator” in increasingly diverse and dispersed workplaces. Effective two-way communication requires transparency, self-awareness, and a curiosity and appreciation for differences in others to help us connect more effectively. If you do this, organizations will see gains in effectiveness, productivity, and satisfaction as individuals and teams work better together.

At The Myers-Briggs Company, we’re passionate about helping others lead more enriching and satisfying lives by linking self-awareness and appreciation of differences as the building blocks to stronger relationships, communication, and team effectiveness.

For July’s B Culture Call*, Marta Koonz, Solutions Consultant at The Myers-Briggs Company, discusses how:

  • Stylistic and behavioral differences can impact our communication style and how we come across to others
  • Personality preferences can shape our approach and expectations around communication
  • We can leverage self-awareness and a curiosity and appreciation for others to better connect with and flex to the needs of others.

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*About B Culture Call

Thank you to fellow B Corp Ad Victoriam Solutions for partnering with us in their monthly B Culture Calls! These calls were designed to help B Keepers and those in HR/Culture positions share best practices, tips, and lessons learned along the way. The call was originally started by Nathan Stuck, the Director of Culture & Strategic Impact at Ad Victoriam Solutions, a Salesforce and Mulesoft Implementation Partner (and B Corp) headquartered in Atlanta, GA. Learn more here.