Managing Conflict for Three Types of Teams

Managing Conflict for Three Types of Teams

We’ve all been a part of teams - some high functioning, some less so. Managing conflict within a team depends on the type of team and the awareness of the individuals on the team. So, how do you change your conflict approach to fit the team's purpose and goals?

In this webinar, co-author of the TKI® Team Report, Gail Fann Thomas, focuses on the three types of teams that can benefit from understanding their approach to conflict and how to manage them successfully.

Watch the webinar to learn about:

  • Newly formed teams and how the new TKI Team Report can set the stage for high performance.
  • Teams that aren’t handling conflict well and how the TKI Team Report can help them get back on track.
  • Hybrid teams and the unique ways conflict shows up and how to best manage it.

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