Introducing the Strong Interest Inventory 244 assessment

Introducing the Strong Interest Inventory® 244 assessment

Discovering the right career path is crucial in today's rapidly changing world. As career-development professionals, you play a critical role in helping students explore potential academic and career pathways and understand how their interests can lead to a fulfilling career.

In this webinar Michael Morris, Director of Vocational Interest Research & Data Science at The Myers-Briggs Company, introduces you to the Strong Interest Inventory® 244 assessment. A new version of the Strong Interest Inventory® assessment – the gold standard for career exploration – the Strong 244 assessment combines the latest advancements in career assessment technology with the proven methods of the original. Watch the webinar to learn about:

  • Exciting features of the new version: non-gender-based scoring and interpretation, direct predictions of satisfaction in hundreds of occupations, new academic major results, and more
  • Similarities and differences between the new Strong 244 assessment and the Strong assessment, and when to use which
  • The new Strong Interest Inventory® 244 Career Satisfaction Report and how it can help students find their ideal career

Whether you're a current user of the Strong assessment or new to career assessment tools, this webinar provides a comprehensive overview of the new Strong 244 assessment and how it can enhance your career practice and support your students’ career development.

About the Speaker

Dr. Michael Morris is a Director of Vocational Interest Research & Data Science, primarily focused on research and development for The Myers-Briggs Company’s assessments. He manages large-scale research projects, working with clients, international distributors, academics, and consultants to develop assessments that work well across a variety of domestic and international populations.

Mike’s work has been published in several peer-reviewed journals, and he has authored assessment feedback reports that have been translated into several languages and used worldwide. He received his Ph.D. in Social Psychology from Iowa State University.

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