How to Deliver Engaging Career Development Training

How to Deliver Engaging Career Development Training

Are you using your career development knowledge to its fullest extent?

You may have faced challenges in engagement or helping with career path selection. Now, there are some new challenges - virtual working, higher unemployment, and reintegration.

We have a solution to help. With our new facilitation kit, Exploring Career Options with the Strong Interest Inventory® Assessment, you can tackle these challenges confidently.

Join Michael Segovia, Senior Consultant on The Myers-Briggs Company’s Professional Services Team, in this webinar to learn:

  • How the Strong Interest Inventory® can be used in different applications related to career development from college students to employee reintegration
  • Recommendation for approaching career development in the current climate
  • Strategies to use during workshops for higher engagement
  • How to use the Exploring Career Options facilitation kit to deliver high-quality career development workshops

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