What makes interest so interesting

What Makes Interests So Interesting?

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Driving educational success with a focus on interests is backed by many years of research. A study conducted with business students, published in the Journal of Southeast Asian Research, revealed that “interest in the subject” is the most dominant factor in influencing career choices.

A student that doesn’t see nor have a plan for the future is less likely to persist, and thus less likely to graduate. Likewise, when a student is interested in a subject and can better picture a future path for themselves, they are more likely to become, and stay, more engaged.

Download the What Makes Interests So Interesting white paper where we cover:

  • What interests are and how research defines them in the context of achieving both academic and lifelong career success
  • The relationship between interests and engagement and how that drives persistence and completion in school
  • The research behind why interests are predictive of higher income, degree attainment, grades in college, and other success factors

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