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Learn more about the research and get tips on how educators can increase students’ self-awareness, identify interests, and support directional decisions. Included are two activities to share with students.

More Resources

Here are more resources to share with students and faculty to aid in further career development activities.

Finding a career with purpose podcast episode 5 ft. julie gross

Finding a Career with Purpose Podcast

Career expert and coach, Julie Gross, shares tips for finding your purpose and ideal career. Listen to stories of how individuals found satisfying careers.

Activities to help students with career exploration

Activities to Help Students with Career Exploration

Tips on how students can take advantage of their personality strengths for more effective learning and studying. Includes bonus tips for teachers and educators.

Tips to Help Your Students with Career Exploration

Tips to Help Your Students with Career Exploration

From career assessments to research projects, this resource covers several tips to help students with their career exploration and planning journey.

Adulting cheat sheet for college students

Adulting Cheat Sheet for College Students

Includes links to helpful resources that students can easily access to help them better prepare for the workforce during their educational journey.