MBTIonline Teams Helps Freely in Hope Navigate the Complexity of Today’s Teams

MBTIonline Teams Helps Freely in Hope Navigate the Complexity of Today’s Teams

Non-profit Dedicated to Ending Sexual Violence Shows How Modern Teams Can Thrive Amidst Unparalleled Challenges

SUNNYVALE, Calif., April 22, 2020 — Amidst an evolving global workforce and remote work, modern work teams face unprecedented roadblocks to cohesiveness. The Myers-Briggs Company, a Certified B Corporation®, announced a new case study highlighting why Freely in Hope chose MBTIonline Teams to improve their global team dynamics and communication.

Freely in Hope used MBTIonline Teams to develop their US, Kenyan and Zambian teams as well as their global leadership team. “The beauty of the MBTIonline Teams platform is in its functionality and intuitiveness,” said Nikole Lim, International Director and Founder, Freely in Hope. “Because it was broken down so efficiently, it made it much easier to communicate.”

Freely in Hope’s efforts have positively impacted over 10,000 people including students, women in prostitution, trafficking survivors, parents and children. As the organization had grown to global scope with team members on different continents, they needed to get new employees on the same page. 

MBTIonline Teams’ self-guided virtual team building experience brought their team closer together, highlighted strengths and potential blind spots, and delivered insights about team dynamics to maximize effectiveness. 

Developing a High-performing Team

Team development training (online or in-person) offers an objective perspective and uncovers invisible aspects of team dynamics. For Freely in Hope, using MBTIonline Teams brought about a better understanding of how to:

Gauging Team Performance  

According to So You Think You Know Your Team?, high-performing teams have: 

For Freely in Hope, MBTIonline Teams helped the team cultivate these qualities. “We need all the pieces to work together and [the training] allowed our company to grow the muscle to provide a stable environment for us to thrive,” said Lydia Matioli, Program Manager for Kenya at Freely in Hope. “MBTIonline Teams brought a high level of self-awareness. The platform was detailed, and action steps were available about how to practically work and coexist with other preferences.”