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The Myers-Briggs assessment helps people and organizations gain self-awareness by exploring four common dimensions of personality, offering insights that help people improve communication, conflict handling, decision-making, and other aspects of work and life. It’s the world’s most popular personality assessment largely because people find it useful and empowering, and much criticism of it stems from misunderstanding regarding its purpose and design. It is not, and was never intended to be predictive, and should never be used for hiring, screening or to dictate life decisions. As much psychology-related research entails predictive analysis it has not been a widely used tool within this field, but rather has been favored by organizations for its practical benefits in career development, conflict-handling, team building, and leadership development. The instrument itself is psychometrically validated and continually updated, and The Myers-Briggs Company freely publishes information regarding its research-based foundation in the manual supplements above.

The Myers-Briggs Company’s board of directors, which includes very well-respected figures within psychology such as Wayne Cascio, PhD, and Christina Maslach, PhD, is using the MBTI in an upcoming board workshop for leadership development and communication-enhancing collaboration. Additionally, Dr. Cascio is currently collaborating with a prominent psychologist in Singapore on research applications using the MBTI.