Appraise individuals objectively


For professionals in talent management, certification in the CPI 260® assessment equips them to gain insight into individuals’ interpersonal style, values, and motivation—as well as into strengths and blind spots in their leadership approach. The CPI 260 assessment is designed to describe individuals objectively, as others would describe them. Whether you’re working as an executive coach, a people development professional, or a team builder, this assessment enables you to identify leaders, nurture their growth, and promote success in the organizations they lead.

Why become CPI 260® certified?


The CPI 260® Certification Program will enable you to:

  • Help individuals and organizations identify strengths and management development opportunities.
  • Increase leaders’ self-awareness and help them adjust their behaviors for maximum effectiveness.
  • Provide executive coaching to empower leaders to reach their full potential through a structured, consultative approach.
  • Develop succession planning by building leaders at all levels to strengthen your organization.
  • Improve an organization's talent management, selection, and retention - by finding the right people and keeping them engaged through a fulfilling career path.

Who should attend CPI 260® certification?

  • HR managers
  • Line managers
  • Team leaders
  • Career counselors
  • Organizational development specialists

What will you learn?

  • Ways to enable individuals to capitalize on their strengths, target areas for development, and take action to become effective and successful leaders.
  • How to measure responses on the CPI 260 assessment’s 29 scales and compare them to empirical data on 5,600 managers and executives collected by the Center for Creative Leadership® (CCL®).
  • Tools to provide results on 18 different leadership characteristics in five core performance areas:
    • Self-management
    • Team building and teamwork
    • Organizational capabilities
    • Problem solving 
    • Sustaining organizational vision
  • Practical, real-world insights to apply in executive coaching, occupational development, and other business and organizational contexts.
  • How to interpret and use the CPI 260® Client Feedback Report and the CPI 260® Coaching Report for Leaders as developmental plans and coaching aids.

Two ways to become CPI 260® certified

Hold an on-site training program
If there are six or more people at your organization wishing to become certified, we can run CPI 260 training on site. 
Join a public program
We deliver CPI 260 certification programs in various locations around the U.S.

Not based in the U.S.? Find out how to get CPI 260 certified in your region.
Find answers to your CPI 260 certification questions in our FAQs.

Public Certification Dates

Sunnyvale, CA
Mar 4-6, 2020

The Myers-Briggs Company Headquarters, 185 N. Wolfe Road, Sunnyvale CA 94086

Register by 2/21/2020


Chicago, IL
June 3-5, 2020

The Monadnock, 53 West Jackson Boulevard, Chicago, IL, 60604

Register by 5/20/2020



We can run this program at your site for 6 or more people.

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