In 2018 society used technology that was 8,000 times better than what we used back in 2005.*

Yes, technology is changing at a head-spinning rate.

And while innovation and progress go hand in hand, the question is: how are you helping your people handle the resulting organizational changes?

Introducing Psychology of Change, presented by Principal Organizational Development Consultants, Sherrie Haynie and Rachel Cubas-Wilkinson.

A free breakfast event to learn alongside your peers how a better understanding of people will help you manage change. To make it work for you, them, and your business.

You will learn:

  • Why and how people deal with change in different ways 
  • How to recognize human behavior patterns during organizational change
  • How to increase employee buy-in for your change processes

When change is constant and often disruptive, knowing how to handle people’s response to it is critical for business success.

Seats are limited.

*Source: The Emerging Future (2019)

Psychology of Change is a must-attend if you and your teams:

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