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MBTI® Users Conference—Type, Interpersonal Needs, and Stress: A FIRO-B® and MBTI® Workplace Culture Connection

03 Jan 2017

My breakout session took place on the second day of the conference. I was glad to see so many familiar faces in the room, although it also makes me a bit more nervous to see so many people I know when I’m presenting. However, remembering that I’m presenting for the attendees and not for myself, helps temper my nervousness. In my session I addressed the stress we all face when our interpersonal needs are not being met. What we need, combined with what we fear, can have a huge impact on our beh...

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Type at the Family Conference Table

26 Apr 2016

Written by Mathew David Pauley, JD, MA, MDR Strewn throughout hospitals are conference rooms primarily devoted to provider-patient discussions.  No, that is not entirely accurate—providers meet their patients bedside.  So, it is more precise to say that these meeting spaces are used by providers meeting with family members.  They are meeting with family members probably because their patients are too sick to participate in the decisions about their health, and the people who love the patient ar...

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MBTI® Criticism

07 Jan 2016

Time has just flown by—I’m at the last breakout session of the day. Aidan Millar is sharing ideas on how to answer criticism of the MBTI® assessment. Usually when people criticize the MBTI tool they don’t really know what it does and does not do. Aidan did a nice job of clarifying how to deal with such criticism, focusing on reputation, refinement, and relevance. When it comes to reputation, the MBTI tool is the most widely used personality tool in the world. Most Fortune 100 companies use it. ...

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