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Are personalities permanent? Can your personality type change?

Posted 23 November 2022 by
Sherrie Haynie, Sr. Director of Professional Services at The Myers-Briggs Company

Humans learn and grow all the time. But what about someone’s personality? Can your personality type change?

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Use conflict as a health check for your team

Posted 08 November 2022 by
Kevin Wood

Is lack of conflict a sign of dysfunction? And what do people feel about conflict today?

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The New TKI® Team Report

Posted 14 October 2022 by
Melissa Summer

The easiest way to run a conflict management workshop for a team is now here. Meet the new TKI® Team Report.

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What are the new sources of conflict at work?

Posted 07 October 2022 by
Kevin Wood

Learn the types and causes of conflict to be better prepared in how you manage conflict

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Get the latest research on conflict at work

Posted 05 October 2022 by
Kevin Wood

Conflict can be positive. New data and tips help you learn how to manage it.

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Conflict at work: What are your options?

Posted 04 October 2022 by
Kevin Wood

If conflict management is something you dread, here’s how to start turning it around.

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Effects and Causes of Conflict Among Employees

08 May 2018

This article originally appeared in HRZone. You may read the same article on the original publishing website here.    Do you know what it takes to create a productive team? According to research published in the Harvard Business Review, a workplace characterized by positive and “virtuous” practices is able to form a productive team. Such practices, the report went on to say, include caring for your colleagues as friends, treating one another with gratitude, respect, trust and integrity,...

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UMMS Professionals Give Patients Top Care While UMMS Cares for Professionals with FIRO-B

03 May 2016

"The purpose of a doctor, or any human or general, should not be to simply delay the death of a patient, but to increase the quality of life." - Patch Adams (1998) The University of Maryland Medical System is a national and regional referral center for trauma, cancer care, neurocare, cardiac care, women's and children's health and physical rehabilitation. It has evolved from its beginnings as the nonprofit University Hospital in 1984 into a multi-hospital system with academic, community and spe...

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Farming, Leadership Development and the TKI Tool

21 April 2016

“Farming is a profession of hope.” ― Brian Brett [Author] In 1919, a small group of farmers from 30 states gathered in Chicago. Their goal – speaking for themselves and representing the needs and issues of fellow farmers through their own national organization. Not long after that initial meeting, the American Farm Bureau Federation became the voice of agriculture at the national level. “The purpose of Farm Bureau is to make the business of farming more profitable, and the community a better ...

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