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Celebrating a 60th Wedding Anniversary—A Three-Hour Tour

06 Sep 2016

Right on time, Captain Bryan appears. He drives up in a big, black Toyota Tundra, gives us all a warm greeting, and then asks us to follow him across the street through the Kawaihae Harbor security entrance. I can’t tell you how excited I am as we drive up to the edge of the harbor and see our little boat for the day. Okay, it’s not actually “our” boat, but I can pretend. It’s a medium-size catamaran, with shaded seating inside, cushy seats, and netting to lay in up front. It is perfect for u...

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Celebrating a 60th Wedding Anniversary—NF Blessing, NF Curse

09 Aug 2016

It's about 6:30 a.m. when we drive through the entrance of Volcano National Park. There are very few cars around, so it feels like we have the place to ourselves. I see no way to pay for entering the park, so I make a mental note to do that on the way out. We first stop at the steam vents. It is incredible to see the terrain all around us seeping steam. Terri's eyes are growing bigger and bigger as she scans everything around her. We take the short trail to one side and come upon Kilauea volcano...

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Celebrating a 60th Wedding Anniversary

30 Jun 2016

Sitting at the departure gate in the Kona-Keahole airport in Hawaii still feels like being on vacation. The cool Hawaiian breeze and the many palm trees close-by can fool you just a little bit into not feeling sad that you are leaving. But I feel sad every time I leave these islands...every single time. I have to convince myself "I'll be back" or I know I will start to cry. Being in Hawaii is such an escape from so many of the stresses of life. While I work to honor who I am, I also spend too mu...

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