Showing Appreciation—ISFP

26 January 2017

In this series I’m delving into how each of the 16 types approaches being thankful. If you want to read a little about your own preferences ahead of time, feel free to visit this link:

Today’s type: ISFP. You likely show your appreciation for others with thoughtful actions and gifts. Try not to feel hurt if they fail to notice or mention your efforts.

That description focuses on the Sensing and Feeling parts of individuals who prefer ISFP. However, if you have ISFP preferences, you may tend to have more of a behind-the-scenes approach, and others may not notice what you have done for them. In turn, they may show appreciation in a way very different from the way you expect. Fortunately, as we get older, we tend to learn and then expect how others will respond and then hopefully not get hurt (or as hurt) if we aren’t appreciated back in the way we prefer.

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