Showing Appreciation—INFJ

17 Jan 2017

In this series I’m delving into how each of the 16 types approaches being thankful. If you want to read a little about your own preferences ahead of time, feel free to visit this link:

Today’s type: INFJ. You likely affirm and support others in their development. Remember to acknowledge their everyday specific actions and assistance.

That description is about the enthusiasm those who prefer Intuition and Feeling get from long-term development. This could mean that the “little things” don’t get recognized until they make up one “big thing.” Keep in mind that recognizing others for the little things they do helps them keep moving forward to accomplish those bigger things.

People with preferences for INFJ may sometimes be so future-focused that they forget to appreciate what is happening right in front of them. Think about stopping and literally smelling the roses or the winter snow or the tamales or whatever wonderful smells come your way this time of year.

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