New Case Study and White Paper Show How to Develop a Future-ready Workforce in 5 Steps


SUNNYVALE, Calif., March 11, 2021 — With virtual learning on the rise and traditional education’s ROI under the microscope, and the gap between school learning and workforce readiness is in the spotlight. To help boost student engagement and improve retention and graduation rates, The Myers-Briggs Company has released a new white paper “5 Steps to Develop a Future Ready Workforce” and a case study on how Fullerton College has improved its students’ career readiness. 

Fullerton College: leveraging VitaNavis to nurture students’ career readiness

Last year, Fullerton College (which had used the MBTI® and Strong Interest Inventory® assessments for years) began using the VitaNavis® platform to help students better connect with careers and graduate career ready.  

“The VitaNavis platform compares to nothing else out there....we’re helping students decide on a major sooner and getting them to graduate and/ or transfer in a timely manner,” said Janine Cirrito, Career Center Coordinator II, Fullerton College.  

Using VitaNavis, Fullerton reaches prospective students earlier, giving them valuable information about programs that map to their future career plans. In addition, VitaNavis’s mobile-friendly platform is scalable and easier for students to access on the go.   

Fullerton’s future with VitaNavis

Since VitaNavis’ implementation a year ago, 4,000 students have completed the SuperStrong assessment. Fullerton College is also planning to leverage it with feeder and non-feeder high schools. 

“VitaNavis has been extremely instrumental to me in assisting [students],” said Deanna Smedley, a Fullerton College counselor. “It’s simple and visually appealing for both the counselor and the student.” 

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