Inspiring woman in your life? Tell her thanks

Video and free greeting card honors the mother-daughter MBTI® creators changing the world for the better

Sunnyvale, Calif., April 29, 2019--Two quick ways to make yourself happier? Recognize inspiration and express gratitude.

In honor of how Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers inspired one another and changed the world, The Myers-Briggs Company is partnering with our friends at Look What SHE Did! to promote their video about the mother-daughter team and to help people say thank you more often, especially around Mother’s Day.

“Everyone has someone who inspires them, but we often forget to take time to let them know how appreciated they are. Katharine and Isabel created the MBTI assessment to help people lead more fulfilling lives and relationships are a part of that,” says Jeff Hayes, president and CEO of The Myers-Briggs Company. “In the spirit of better communication and better relationships, take this card and pass on the gratitude.”

Look What SHE Did! also deals in gratitude and inspiration, bringing stories of unsung, world-changing women into our favorite consumable format: video.

“Look What SHE Did! was founded in honor of an incredible woman named Clara Shortridge Foltz, a brilliant mind and mother of five who created the public defender system in the USA,” said Julie Hebert, the organization’s Founding Executive Director. “Women like her have been accomplishing great things throughout history without recognition.”

Sylvia Hathaway Chavez, Look What SHE Did!’s Managing Director added, “we’re thrilled to include Myers and Briggs, this remarkable pair of researchers, in our astonishing women video series. That they’re a mother and daughter team makes this an especially unique and important story to share.”

Spurred by the video, The Myers-Briggs Company is sending out 250 individual cards free to anyone in the US who wants to thank a someone for inspiring them. Cards can be requested via this online form.

The Myers-Briggs Company board member Cynthia Cleveland was tapped to tell Katharine and Isabel’s story and will be sending out one of these cards herself.

“There are so many inspirational women I thought of but since my mother has passed, I’ll be sending one to my daughter. She’s inspired me to be a better person,” said Cleveland.

“Very appropriate given Katharine and Isabel were a mother-daughter team.”

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About Look What SHE Did!
Look What SHE Did! is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to inspire women and girls to greatness by bringing to light stories of remarkable women who have changed the world. They create and freely share an online video series of women speaking about the trailblazing women who have inspired them. Look What SHE Did! also produces live events discussing women’s empowerment for community groups and corporations. Watch their videos and learn more on their website,