Site Uses SuperStrong Interest Inventory to Offer a Wealth of Career Pathway Information

Sunnyvale, Calif., October 4, 2016CPP Innovation Labs, a division of CPP, Inc., announced that it has partnered with WyoTech to offer high school counselors nationwide the VitaNavis™ platform at no cost, to all of their students. Created by CPP Innovation Labs, VitaNavis provides an online portal for administering the SuperStrong™ Interest Inventory, an optimized and highly accurate version of the world’s most widely used interest assessment, to help individuals find potential education and career pathways. For each pathway, the site links users’ personal interests to careers, salaries, job outlooks, skills, and education requirements, offering psychometrically validated life direction within 10 minutes. Counselors can register here.

“Interest Fit is a proven and significant factor in common measures of career and educational success, including persistence, academic performance, and even income attainment. Students who are interested in their studies and understand how schoolwork relates to their future, become more engaged and motivated to achieve their goals,” said Chris Mackey, Senior Vice President, CPP Innovation Labs. “The SuperStrong assessment helps high school students, from freshman to seniors, understand how their personal interests relate to the world of work, so they can explore pathways that are likely to lead to fulfilling, successful careers.”

Guiding students to the right career shouldn’t be a guessing game

The partnership, officially launched at American School Counselors Association (ASCA) conference in New Orleans this year, will enable students to explore career pathways, and return in the future to check out new and innovative features.

“As a non-profit technical school with specialized programs, WyoTech understands the importance of a solid match between personal interests and careers,” said Curt Hemmeler, Associate Vice President of WyoTech Field Admissions – West. “As a community partner interested in helping students evaluate their career options, we’re proud to sponsor CPP Innovation Labs’ VitaNavis platform for our secondary educational partners to use at no cost.”

The initiative to make the VitaNavis platform available to high schools and school districts supports CPP Innovation Labs’ and WyoTech’s mission to materially improve student outcomes in underserved populations. WyoTech—a nonprofit career technical training school that provides a community for students and instructors who are passionate about the automotive, diesel, motorcycle, marine, and collision/refinishing career fields—is sponsoring this VitaNavis offering to not only help students understand if they are a fit for WyoTech, but also to explore the myriad career pathways outside of those offered by WyoTech.