Spanish Translations of MBTI, TKI and FIRO-B Offered with Local Service

Sunnyval, Calif., August 18, 2015—CPP, Inc. (, an industry leader in research, training, and organizational development tools, including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment, today announced that its partner, workforce training consultancy Development Solutions (HDS)—the exclusive authorized distributor of its products in Mexico—is expanding its regional presence into Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, Costa Rica, Panamá, El Salvador and Nicaragua. As a result of its success in using CPP’s products to help organizations in Mexico more effectively leverage their talent, HDS is expanding availability of Spanish-language MBTI certification training programs and CPP products into these new markets, offering Spanish translations of the MBTI, Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI™) and FIRO-B® instruments.

“When we initially partnered, one of our most critical objectives was to work together to create Spanish translations of the MBTI assessment,” said Guadalupe Lepe, managing director, HDS. “Our current ability to offer the MBTI, TKI and FIRO-B assessments in Spanish will greatly enhance our ability to deliver value in Mexico and surrounding countries, by offering the insights of these assessments in the local language with local service and support.”

Since 2012 HDS has leveraged its expertise in providing coaching, organizational development consulting, and training workshops to offer companies operating in Mexico training applications centered on CPP’s MBTI, FIRO®, and TKI products. HDS—which introduced these instruments to the Mexico market, as well as the first MBTI certification programs—applies insights from these assessments for conflict management, communication, team-building, and decision-making.

“Since we began working together in 2012, our partnership has proven to be incredibly beneficial, both in terms of leveraging CPP’s relationships with U.S. and multinationals to expand HDS’ reach, and also in extending our penetration with HDS’ clients as well,” said Jeff Hayes, President and CEO, CPP, Inc. “HDS brings invaluable understanding of the cultural and business issues that are top of mind for companies operating within this rapidly expanding economic region, and we anticipate that this partnership will grow in strength as the Latin-American market continues to build awareness of the benefits of psychometric assessments.”

“As HDS extends distribution of CPP products in Central and South America, the consultancy will continue to leverage CPP’s U.S. relationships with multinationals—combined with its own deep expertise in state and local governments, state-owned companies, multinational companies (including U.S.-based organizations), and organizations in the education, manufacturing, and oil and gas sectors—to penetrate new markets.