Improving Communication and Effectiveness within Diverse Teams

Resultive Boards Uses Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® to Help Boards of Directors Coalesce Around the Mission

Improving Communication and Effectiveness within Diverse Teams

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., June 24, 2014—CPP, Inc. (, an industry leader in leadership development, talent management, and research tools, including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment, has released a case study describing the ongoing work of Resultive Boards—a San Francisco Bay-area consultancy that provides board governance services to nonprofits and private companies—using CPP’s products. Resultive Boards uses the MBTI instrument to augment board performance by applying personality type principles to improve board processes, decision making, communication, and results.

“Despite the tremendous implications of a board’s decisions, often board members are brought on through connections rather than to fill a specific need on the team, and personal opinions and board politics can interfere with the decision-making process significantly,” said Jeff Hayes, President and CEO, CPP, Inc. Resultive Boards began using the Myers-Briggs assessment to bring more self-awareness, efficiency, and collaboration to boardrooms.

Unifying a diverse collection of individuals under a common goal
By providing individual and team personality type reports based on MBTI assessment results, Resultive Boards has illuminated the advantages of type diversity in decision making and problem solving. This has increased the efficiency of communication, providing a common, nonthreatening language for all members of a board. “The MBTI tool is ideal for dealing with issues of diversity, because you’re looking at what each person brings to the board...regardless of gender, orientation, race, or socioeconomic status,” said Lorin Letendre, M.A., co-founder of Resultive Boards.

The case study, available at, describes Resultive Boards’ work, in which MBTI-based training helped one specific team:

“Managing board dynamics is probably the best use I can think of for the MBTI tool...How people work together—team structure and functioning—these are already established takeaways of the MBTI assessment that are perfect for working with a high-powered board,” said Tom Wohlmut, co-founder, Resultive Boards. “It’s a bit like having satellite weather capabilities. Anyone can look into the sky and tell you it’s sunny, but a satellite allows one to forecast storms far beyond the horizon.”